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A community of those who like to drink.

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What's the dumbest thing you've done while drunk?


I've done everything dumb you can do while drunk but I think the stupidest thing I did was, I was already on a parole violation so as soon as I was just seen, I was going back and I decided to go driving. After being at a bar all night. I'm fucked up. Dumb. But it gets worse. While at a light, the guys next to me revved their engine so, when the light turned, I floored it. Now, I'm speeding. And I didn't have a license. My friend's car wasn't registered so I also took someone else's plate off their car and put it on hers. ALSO DUMB. Idk what I was thinking. But it still gets worse. Lights and sirens are blaring behind me and my stupid thinking was, I'm going to jail anyway and not getting out so fuck it... they won't catch me. I kept going. Now, it gets embarrassing because they start talking on that loud thingy saying, "pull your vehicle over". And it still gets worse. We're on a highway and end up at an inspectionin not going to be able to get through without causing an accident and I don't know if I thought I was superman or something but I figured I'd have better luck on foot so I just pull off on the side... no actual place to pull over but out of the middle of everything so I can get out and run. Didn't make it far and racked up a bunch of new charges other than JUST going back to finish my parole time.